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Agent FAQ


Is Direct Deposit the only way an Agent can receive commissions?

No, We also offer Venmo or check by mail. 

Are taxes taken out of Commissions?

No, An Agent is a separate business entity just like an Agent in other industries like insurance, travel or real estate. 

Do I need a DBA or LLC to become an Agent?

Yes, we would suggest creating a DBA that indicates you are a marketing agency. There may be times that your clients ask you if you perform other services like graphic design, website development or social media. You can use your agency DBA to outsource or provide your own services in addition to ours. We have agents that provide more services than what we offer. We only offer a high quality niche service. 

Why don't we offer dashboards like our competitors?

We offer direct access to Google Ads to our clients.  Dashboards don't offer the same level of information that Google Ads offers. This is the most transparent option. We are the most transparent. 

Why do we only offer Google Ads? Why don't we offer other web services?

We have decided that doing one thing well is wiser for us than trying to be really good and 10 different things. We use our strengths and let our counterparts in the industry do what they are good at.  Internet marketing is very complex and changing all the time. Many of our larger counterparts have had a difficult time in the past satisfying clients by trying to be everything to every one. We do one thing and do it well. 

Agents are welcome to outsource these other web services to their clients through other avenues outside of what SEFRE offers.

Is it also the AGent's job to manage the account and the relationship?

No, The account management responsibilities fall on the Google Ads Specialist. We decided through over 15 years experience that the person actually manage the Google Ads account should be the person answering the questions about the campaign. This gives the agent more time to sell and gives the customer more accurate answers more quickly. 



What costs are involved to become an Agent?

To become an agent there are no costs as of today, April 23, 2019.  SEFRE covers the cost of the first two months of Outlook Email 365 and Spyfu subscriptions. After 2 month of being a part time agent, the part time agent assumes these costs. Although once the part time agent becomes a full time agent the costs are picked back up by SEFRE and there becomes no payment to SEFRE for being an agent. 

Are there any fees for training.

You have the choice. Go for the free training option or you can pay for the individualized training. 

Are there contracts we have to push onto the customers?

No, SEFRE does not use long contracts.  We send the client a scope of work. When they reply via email that they agree with the terms and conditions, we then send a secure payment link. Clients can take time off from our services as they see that their business needs it, we are Flexible. 

What 3rd party PLATFORM do we use to manage Google Ads?

None. We do not use third party platforms or artificial intelligence. We have worked with many of these platforms and while there are advantages for the agency we feel we can do a better job manually by hiring intelligent people with experience. To become a Google Ads Specialist at SEFRE a person must have 10+ years experience and be interviewed by the owner. We only hire the best, that is why we don't need artificial intelligence, we hire experience and intelligence instead. 

How do we offer Exclusivity to our clients?

We offer exclusivity in 3 ways. First, we will not run a campaign of the same nature as our clients and second, we will not do it in their Google Geographically targeted area. 

For Example: if you bring on a new Family Attorney in Chicago. He decides to run a Family Law campaign geographically targeting the city of Chicago. We will not run another family law campaign in Chicago while your attorney is running with us. We will run a campaign in the other legal specialties such as criminal and bankruptcy, but not Family Law. 

The third way we offer exclusivity is by selling the rights to an area.  If an attorney uses us for more than one type of campaign in the same geographic area, they then have the option to buy out exclusivity for the rest of the legal specialties in his targeted Google Ads area. 

Why do we offer the Exit option to our clients?

Every business relationship has to come to an end. We intend to make it end in a way that is beneficial to both parties. If a client is running with us and they decide they want to take over their Google Ads Campaign and stop paying the management fee, they can. For a fee, we simply copy their successful campaign out of our Google Ads account and paste it into their new Google Ads account for them to manage. We also offer a 30 minute lessons in case they need it. The client always has the option to hire us back if the load becomes too heavy. The client also always has the option to use our consulting services to review the campaign as they need help after they have taken over. 

Agent FAQ


Will we manage Google Ads Campaigns for businesses other than legal practices?

Most of the time, the answer is "No".  We have found that teaching them to set up and run their own Google Ads campaigns is much more effective for them. It also protects our relationship with these business owners.  Occasionally we will agree to manage a campaign for a business that is not in the Legal Industry but, these are few and far between. 

What if I have a "non Legal Industry" business that wants us to provide management services?

There is a slim chance that we would manage their campaign if they are not associated with the legal industry. We could interview the prospective client to determine if we are a good fit. SEFRE does not ever want to run a campaign that has any chance of seeming to fail because our reputation and zero churn in the Google Ads space is something we are very proud of.  We specialize in what we are good at and only do what we are good at. 

Why did we choose to only manage Google Ads for Attorneys and Lawyers?

We looked at all of the services that we were providing. We were doing everything from Websites, mobile aps, social media, blogging, graphic design to TV commercials and Geofencing as well as Google Ads. We rated our ability and expertise in all of these skills. Our greatest skill set was in Google Ads. We then noticed that all of our Google Ads clients stayed with us month over month. 

We then looked at all the different types of clients that we worked with.  We were working with everyone from plumbers, doctors, dentists, psychiatrists, attorneys, construction and more. Turns out our attorney clients always paid on time, never complained and were always grateful for our Google Ads services. There was little stress and they were happy. 

We decided to narrow down our services to only do what we were really good at for the clients that always paid on time and were happy and grateful. 

We went a million different directions when we started SEFRE. In the end we discovered what works for us. Google Ads for Attorneys. 

Since we have knowledge of the full spectrum of Digital Marketing, do we offer consulting?

Yes, we offer a consulting package available to all types of businesses. This comes with research and our full recommendation. Our consulting has no ulterior motives since we cannot perform the work that we are telling them to perform. More details at our website

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