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The type of person that becomes a SEFRE AGent

Agent Description

SEFRE Google Ads Agent

Agents are INDEPENDENT business owners

This is similar to being a travel agent, insurance agent or real estate agent. This is just a different industry with residual commissions. This is designed for people who want to stay in the internet marketing industry or enter the industry but, don't want to work for someone else any longer. 

Self motivated- Entrepreneurial

To be a SEFRE Agent you must be the type of person that doesn't rely on others for security or schedules.  Many SEFRE Agents own their own small agencies that provide other services to their clients as well as website, social media, graphic design and branding. They use SEFRE's services to compliment their current services to their clients. 

Strong belief in Google Ads

Experience isn't necessary but, the ability to understand the value of what we do for Attorneys and business owners is crucial. 

Self Awareness

A SEFRE Agent is always aware of their numbers, their knowledge and ability to bring in new clients to their agency. 

Self Reliant

Types of Agents and Compensation

Part time - Full Time & Broker

SEFRE Google Ads Agent

Part Time AGent

Every Agent starts out as a part time Agent receiving a 15% commission. 

Agents are paid via direct deposit 2 business days after a client pays. 

A part time agent is anyone who has less than 5 clients running in a calendar month. 

A part time Agent receives the 6 basic training courses and certifications. 

Expenses such as Email and Spyfu subscriptions are covered by SEFRE for the first 2 months of a part time agents time with SEFRE after training begins. 

In the 3rd month the part time agent assumes the expenses of Email and Spyfu. 

To earn Full Time Agent status see below. 

Full time agent

A full time agent is a former part time agent that has 5 or more clients running in a calendar month. A full time agent can become a part time agent again if they fall below the minimum of 5 running clients in a month. 

A full time agent receives additional sales training as well as additional certifications such as Google Analytics. 

A full time agent receives a 20% commission pay on all their clients.  

Agents are paid via direct deposit 2 business days after a client pays. 

A full time agent can become a broker if they wish. 

SEFRE Broker

To become a SEFRE Broker, a full time agent must have a minimum of 15 clients running in a calendar month. 

A SEFRE Broker has the option to buy the rights to a geographical territory for a one time fee. 

A SEFRE Broker must maintain a minimum of 15 running clients monthly to retain their broker status. 

A SEFRE Broker can hire sales people and pay commissions and percentages. 

The commission increases too 25% for SEFRE Brokers.  

Brokers are paid via direct deposit 2 business days after a client pays. 

SEFRE will provide training to the Broker's employees at no cost to the Broker. 


Applying to become a SEFRE Agent

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Part Time, Full Time and Broker Postiions available. 


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