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"A Players" Circle Trip

We are going to Live Aqua in Cancun!

Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancún All Inclusive Adults Only is a unique and innovative hotel experience. This "Be Yourself" hotel offers relaxed luxury exclusively designed for modern adults with a limitless lifestyle. At this all-inclusive luxury hotel, your imagination is set free and your senses come to life: sensuality, entertainment and leisure, relaxation, introspection, intimacy, passion, indulgence, style, spontaneity... Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancún All Inclusive Adults Only is all this and more. 

Earn additional room upgrades and amenities by bringing in more revenue. 

you can do this!

Date of  A Players Circle Trip  August 2020

 Exact Date: TBD

Based on Total Revenue for a 9 month period from 10/1/2019 to 6/20/2019

You could go on the trip for just bringing in 3 to 4 clients, that each spend $3K to $4K per month. 

"A Players" Circle Reward Levels

New "A Player"


This is for our newest people to get qualified to be able to attend the trip. 

Minimum Required Revenue = 


Room - Premium Garden view room. 

Personalize the ambiance of your room with the sensory details that suit your mood. Choose from three lighting options using the smart console and select a scent from the aromatherapy menu. Create the atmosphere with the perfect blend of lighting, scent and music. Admire the details around you, like the handmade headboard designed to reconnect you with nature. Indulge yourself in the luxurious bathroom and feel the soft robe and slippers on your skin. Open the curtains wide and take in the spectacular view. Rediscover the true meaning of relaxation during your stay in paradise.

To achieve this you would only need 3 to 4 clients spending $4K to $5K per month.  

"A Player"


Room - Premium Aqua Club Ocean Front 1 King

Minimum Required Revenue = 


Upgraded Room

Access to the Aqua Club

Reawaken all five senses in this stunning room where you have complete control over how it looks, smells, sounds and feels. The smart console offers three different lighting options to create the desired ambiance, and the aromatherapy menu has a variety of scents to match your mood. Put some music on and be transported as you enjoy the premium features of the room, including an ultra-soft robe and bath slippers. This room gives you access to the Aqua Club, where you can enjoy unparalleled privacy and premium amenities, complemented by a breathtaking ocean view.

To achieve this you would only need 5 to 7 clients spending $4K to $5K per month or one client spending $17K+ per month. 

"A Player Upgraded"


Room - You choose Tierra , Aqua or Fuego Suites

Minimum Required Revenue = 


Upgraded Room

Daily Cabana with Daily foot massage

Access to the Aqua Club

The Tierra, or Earth, is the origin of life, and this suite will give life to what will surely be the most full and memorable trip to Cancun you've ever had. The Tierra suite offers you two large, completely independent rooms. One includes a King Size bed and living room, and both have spectacular full views of the Caribbean Sea. Let yourself be spoiled by all the details that complete your room. Select the aroma of your choice from our exquisite menu; relax taking a bath with one of the handmade soaps. Later, enjoy yourself with your drink of choice from the mini bar; everything there is yours during your stay, so feel free to take what you like. - Spumante and chocolate in room upon arrival.
- Free access to Aqua Club.
- Daily complimentary cabana with foot massage.
- 15% spa discount.
- 25% in InLaack'ech dining experience. 

To achieve this you would need 7 to 10 clients spending $4K to $5K per month. or one client spending $23K per month. 

Rolex and Rules

"A Player rolex"


Room - Double Balcony Premium Suite Room of your choice at Live Aqua Cancun. 

First Class Airline Ticket. 

Minimum Required Revenue = 


Rolex Watch Engraved

Upgraded Room

Daily Cabana with Daily foot massage

Access to the Aqua Club

Mini Bar in room

To achieve this you would need 12 to 20 clients spending $4K to $5K per month. or one client spending $39K per month. 



  1. Available only to certified agents of SEFRE Agency.  
  2. The agent is allowed to bring a plus 1 that is over 18 yrs of age.
  3. Full revenue will be counted from October 1, 2019 thru June 30, 2020. 
  4. Consulting Client Revenue is included in the revenue calculations. 
  5. Includes air fare, hotel, taxes and travel fees including baggage fees. 
  6. Tips are not included so we advise you to bring some cash for tipping if you like to reward good service. 
  7. SEFRE has final decision on airline flight details. 
  8. Rolex Winners will receive first class tickets. 

We Will See you there


At SEFRE we only hire A Players. 

A Players write their own playbook. 

B Players try to follow someone else's playbook. 

C Players drain everyone. 

We don't need salesforce to manage A players.

We hire intelligent people and let them do what they know how to do without any interference. 

Our clients come to us frustrated from the C and B players.  They enjoy the luxury of dealing with A players only.